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    Proven Formula - Hurricane Katrina & Harvey

    Thousands of gallons of Flood Finish were used to clean the homes & businesses in New Orleans and across the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina...and now Harvey!

  • Why Flood Finish?

    Because Bleach Is NOT Enough!

    Have you heard the horror stories about people cleaning their homes with bleach or other disinfectants after a flood, only to find mold growing later?!? They should have used Flood Finish! Take a look at the Hurricane Harvey Flood Victim Testimonial below. But first, check out How Flood Finish Works.

  • How Flood Finish Works

    It's Alive!

    (The Simple Explanation)

    Unlike bleach, Flood Finish has live enzymes or "good bacteria" that will continue to eat away and help prevent "bad bacteria" and mold from growing in your home after a flood...and it will keep your home smelling fresh & clean!

    200 BILLION Enzyme Cultures

    (The Technical Explanation)

    Flood Finish is a concentrated product that contains a selection of specialized natural live bacteria strains, that will digest and degrade waste and malodors caused by flooding, with safe biological action.

  • Hurricane Harvey Flood Victim Testimonial

    Bleach Is NOT Enough!



    I wanted to share with everyone -

    This is our second time to flood so we understand how things work. We lived in a DIFFERENT house when we flooded with Hurricane Ike. This house has NEVER flooded before.


    As per contractor and inspector:
    We gutted out to 4 feet and house seemed to be drying well. All walls are starting to reach the 10% mark. We decided to put all new kitchen cabinets in - so we were going to move the upper cabinets to the garage and install them there.


    The water was ONLY up to 2 1/2 feet in the house - NEVER touched the upper cabinets. We started to pull them off only to discover EVERY single cabinet back was covered in mold! The sheet rock above, below, and on top of the cabinets NEVER showed any moisture. We think this happened because the house sat in water for 6 days.


    This has happened to other people as well! Please please check your cabinets!"

  • Don't Let This Happen To Your Home & Your Family's Health!

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    Safety First

    It is recommended that protective gloves, safety glasses, and masks be worn when using Flood Finish. Make sure there is adequate ventilation. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) found on www.floodfinish.com for additional safety information.



    Mix 10 to 12 oz. of Flood Finish per gallon of water. This can be done using a 5 gallon pail, spray bottle, pressure washer, etc.



    If you have already treated the flooded area with bleach or any other disinfectant, make sure that the bleach/disinfectant is completely rinsed and dry before applying Flood Finish. Also, DO NOT treat the flooded area with bleach or any other disinfectant AFTER you apply Flood Finish.



    Spray or pour solution on all surfaces to be cleaned. Do NOT rinse. Let the solution dry. Repeat as needed.



    Flood Finish is a great household cleaner. In fact, it's the only cleaner we keep in our house! The regular use of Flood Finish has been proven to keep your restrooms, toilets, sinks, urinals, showers, and drain lines odor free and cleaner than ever before. It also works great for removing stains on your laundry!

  • Flood Finish - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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